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Whale molar teether, made of excellent silica gel. Q bombs are soft, with various bumps, and bite from multiple angles. They can massage the gums and promote the development of The baby’s oral cavity. The cute whale shape design, with a suction cup at the bottom, is not only a molar tooth gel but also a toy, bringing unlimited fun to the baby.

Teething toys for baby whales are specially designed for teething babies. High-quality food-grade silicone ensures that these baby teethers are flexible and healthy enough that babies can chew or pull with their mouths to relieve gum pain and itching.

From breastfeeding to bottle feeding, this is a headache for every mother. Imitating the shape of a mother’s nipple, the nipple on the whale teether head can help the baby quickly learn to eat from a bottle and get used to it.

Unusual shapes are more likely to attract the baby’s attention, and it is easy to be grasped by the baby’s small hands. In addition, the cartoon whale shape helps to avoid sucking fingers. It is soft and does not contain toxic substances.

Mushroom teether can also be a bath toy for enjoying bath time.

Baby teether is an essential birth gift for every baby. This mushroom is not only a teether, but also an interesting teething toy. Let us pick up your mushroom teether and enjoy the time with your baby!


Safety Warning:

A. This product must be used under adult supervision.

B. Please check the product before each use. If it is damaged, please replace it in time.

C. Do not use any parts as toys and keep all parts out of the reach of children.



[Material quality]: Silica gel

[Specifications]: Single installation

[Packing size]: 90*90*105mm

[Product size]: 95*95*105mm

【Product gross weight】: 83.23g

【Product Net Weight】: 53.83g

[Packing quantity]: 80/carton

[Outer box size]: 470*440*380mm

【FCL Net Weight】: 4.31kg

[Gross weight of the whole box]: 7.66kg

[Yan color]: purple pink, blue green

[Packing method]: color box

Packing List:

Molar stick*1



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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 105 cm

Blue, Purple


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