Manual Breast Pump


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This hand-powered manual breast pump is ideal for traveling and home use, as well as light-to-moderate breastfeeding needs.

Product information:

Style: manual
Material: Polypropylene (pp)


1. Small and portable, necessary for work! Fashion streamline design, small and lightweight, the main unit is connected to the three-way extractor, which is easy to assemble and convenient to carry.

2. Precisely imitating the baby’s intermittent sucking action of sucking and releasing, with the ergonomic patented one-ladder and three-way structure, the whole process of sucking is painless and super comfortable.

3. One-piece molding, patented technology. Gentle and orderly, promote lactation, effectively realize gas-liquid separation, without returning milk.

4. High-quality PP material, bisphenol-free, care for the healthy growth of babies.



Packing list:

Breast pump*1


Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 180 × 120 × 60 cm



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