Baby building blocks are made of soft silicone with numbers and letters.

Fun Baby Building Blocks – Learn Numbers “123” & Animals

The 123 Animals Building Blocks

SAFE FOR CHILDREN – We take your child’s safety seriously! That’s why our toys undergo extensive third-party testing.

When it comes to safety, we take our responsibilities seriously. That’s why all of our products undergo extensive third-party testing, to ensure that they meet the highest standards for quality and safety. Our blocks are made from safe plastic polymers, and their smooth surface is completely free of burrs or other sharp edges.

The colors used for the figures are non-toxic and water-based, allowing your child to safely put them in his/her mouth without fear of chipping paint or swallowing harmful chemicals. Every toy we make has been tested exhaustively by independent parties before being approved for distribution, so that you can be sure your child is safe while playing with any of our fun products!

ALPHABET – These unique blocks can work as a series of interchangeable letters, numbers and symbols in order to spell out any word or number.

  • Spelling – Kids can use these blocks to spell out all kinds of words. They can start with their name and move on to spelling longer and more difficult words as they get better at it.
  • Alphabet – The alphabet is a foundational building block for language skills, and this is an excellent toy for teaching the letters in an engaging way that goes beyond just reciting them from memory.
  • Pattern Making – These blocks are great for creating patterns of all kinds, but especially animal patterns. Kids can work from photos or from imagination, and if they like what they’ve made, they can show it off to others by stacking the blocks up against a wall where other people will see them!
  • Number Recognition – Numbers are another fundamental concept that kids need to be taught early on so that they can count things like money when it’s time to buy stuff (or pay bills). What better way than with cute animals?
  • Word Building – In addition to learning how individual letters go together into words, kids also need practice putting words together into sentences which makes sense. This allows them not only improve their literacy skills but also learn basic grammar rules such as sentence structure or punctuation marks like commas or periods which tell readers what part of speech comes next!

BRIGHT COLORS – The set of 123 toys comes with 20 different colors that will captivate your child’s attention.

The set of 123 toys comes with 20 different colors that will captivate your child’s attention. These bright colors stimulate brain development, help with color recognition, and encourage counting and essential motor skills.

BUILD & STACK – These soft silicone blocks build on top of each other in order to create some really cool structures.

If your kids have even the slightest bit of interest in building, then this is a great set of blocks to own. The best part about them is that they can be used for storing anything. For example, you can label them with words and letters and store your child’s school supplies or toys inside.

The blocks also make it easy to organize your desk because you can use each block for a different subject or purpose (ex: pen, pencils, calculator). You can also stack them vertically to save space when storing things such as books or folders on top of each other. These blocks are made out of sturdy plastic so they won’t break easily if dropped on a hard surface like concrete floors!

Overall we think that it’s important to have these types of products around when cleaning up after playtime because they help us keep everything in order while still being fun for kids 🙂

GREAT GIFT – This is the perfect gift for kids 2 months old and up.

This is the perfect gift for kids 2 months old and up. A great way to help your child develop essential skills and hand eye coordination, while providing hours of fun! It’s an ideal present for birthdays, Easter, Christmas or any occasion.

Builds Your Child’s Sense of Achievement – Blocks Building Toys helps kids build confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they learn to connect pieces, take them apart and put them together again, which can help them gain problem-solving skills.

Develop Your Kids’ Imagination – Endless combinatorial play to create a wide variety of models. From dinosaurs to spaceships, castles or animals – let your child decide what will be next in line!

Safety First – Made from non-toxic BPA free lead free materials which are environmentally safe. The blocks will not hurt your baby’s skin when playing with these toy blocks.

These are some really interesting blocks that let kids play in a lot of different ways.

Parents who want to give their little one a head start will love these Alphabet Blocks. Each block is made of baby-safe, high quality silicone and has letters, numbers, symbols and pictures on each side. It can be used as an educational tool to teach your child about the alphabet or as a toy for pretend play. It’s a great way for you to spend time with your child and bond over something fun.

It also helps them develop their fine motor skills when they stack and build towers with the blocks. The soft material makes it easy for children to hold onto the blocks without hurting themselves if they fall down on them by mistake. And since the blocks are dishwasher safe, clean up is super simple!


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